NFL Schedule Week 5

New York Giants at Green Bay Packers, 8:30p.m. EST


Let’s find out just what kind of team the New York Giants are this year. A strong showing in this early October trip to Green Bay is a preview for a potential NFC playoff matchup. As inconsistent as the Green Bay offense was down the stretch in 2015, they will be a force to contend with again in 2016 with Jordy Nelson back and Eddie Lacy laying off the cheeseburgers (maybe).

Keys to the Game

New York

The Giants are going to have to get to Aaron Rodgers. He throws well on the run, so simply moving him out of the pocket won’t get it done. They are going to need Olivier Vernon to earn that fortune they just paid him and take Rodgers to the turf. This is why they went and got him. Offensively, they should have success in the passing game with Beckham Jr. and Sterling Shepard considering the Packers lost corner Casey Hayward in the offseason.

Green Bay

Getting the run game going will be key for Green Bay in order to keep the Giants’ pass rushers at bay. The last thing they want is Vernon and company teeing off on Aaron Rodgers. Running the ball will also help keep the ball out of Eli’s hands, which is crucial because the Packers will struggle to slow him down. They’re going to feel the loss of Casey Hayward in this game and need to limit New York’s opportunities to hurt them through the air.